Your vibe is contagious. Make sure that’s a good thing. Mod Sun (via illest-hippy)

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Other people are not medicine. It took me 9 years to figure that out  (via sunsetkawaii)

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she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

Holy shit.
I was going to try to pick up the pieces of what we were and put us back together again, but I’ve noticed that once something’s broken, it never works quite as well as it used to. I’m never getting you back again, am I? it’s over (via depresant)

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My favorite gif of all time.

This is like watching my dogs… in cat shape.

somebody said it
I deserve passion. I deserve to be loved - in every way. I deserve a man who’ll give his whole heart, not the part he isn’t using at the moment. (via bbcervantes)

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